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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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%-tournament. that it for this edition of the "sports unlimited." stay tune for the "late edition" with jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd and it starts right now. >> this character, in a clown mask threw open my bathroom door. >> woman robbed while sitting on the toilet. what police say this man was looking for during an unusual hold up. >> attaining the media. the drastic steps this u.s. senator wants to take. >> working overtime after the the official word on what hit his neighborhood, wednesday morning. player. why his dad sent him packing. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, his is fox 45 news "late edition." >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert.
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>> and i am jeff barnd. randallstown man barricades himself in his home after police say he shot his wife while their child was inside of the home. >> the standoff lasted four hours. wilson is at shock trauma after being shot several times..3 her husband later killed himself. now police say they were call to the same address tuesday night for a domestic incident then.@ >> arguments. is what i will say. arguments. fussing, somebody did not pick up the trash. those kind of things. >> domestic violence is never good. never good. i mean, you know, if it is the man or woman, or whoover. then you have kids there. >> well, the couple's little boy, is at relative's home tonight. his mother is listed in critical but stable ccndition at shock trauma. >> baltimmre city police breakup what may have been a dogfighting ring. callld to north paysonnstreet and found seven pitbulls in a
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home. dead won discovered inside of a plasticctrash bag. most of the dogs had no food nor water. >> a sec arrest in a murder case at a glen burnie pizza shop. shaun johnsoo accused of shooting 20-year-old florez, four en tried to rob the shop. 17-year-old vincent buener was arrested already. allegations of flawed business practices at the baltimore city parking authority. the accusations stem from a vvluable contract about to be awarded to a baltimore city parking operator. now one of the country's larrest parking management irms, is raising a serious allegation against the parking authority. in a protest letter sent to the city, the company alleges impropriety in the city's bidding process to manage three downtown garages. describing it as flawed and unjust. >> there are bound to be those
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operators that don't submit the best proposalssand who don't win these ontracts. that will be unhappy. >> the winner of the controversial contract was elected by an independent review panel. same company that currently manages more than half of the city's garages and lots. and a third of the city's parking spaces. >> tonight, clean up continues in northeast baltimore for what? deemed a tornado. winds lew one car on top of another car. ripped braaches from trees. and sent roofs flying. but among the devastation, there is no deaths or no major injuries to report. >> almosttlike a freight train everything just exploded. >> i am truly blessed that i was not one of the ones that had the roof ripped off. >> the red signs mean these are condemned homes. 50 with no roof or doors, bent inward and still locked.
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>> contractors are repairing the damage to the dutch village in mount pleasant apartment complex. replacing doors, clearing debris, securing roofs and boarddng up the windows. city officials say they were able to reoccupy nearly all of the damaaed units. except those condemned by the city. damaged we could not do anything with them within 24 hours. so almost everybody is home. comfortable and safe. and we will continuu that effort to try to get nee roofs back on the entire property. which is a lot of roofs. and continue on with the@ repairs. >> ttose repairs could take months to omplete. >> this weather caught everybody offguard. >> it sure did. now the national weather service is connirmed a tornado did touchdown. here is chief meteorologist vytas reid with what all of that means. vytas? >> yeah, sent out these surveyors to look at the damage, to see really what happenedd if it was just straight line tornado touching down.acttal look at the storm data released
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this fternoon. and evening. there was a confirmation of a down burst of swirling wind. and that terminology is called a bookend vortex. and national weather service confirmed that ef1 tornado with the strength of maximum winds of 80 to 100 miles per hour, and thee also there was straight line wind damage associated with this storm that pushed through. so a lot of factors going in to play. go back in time. looking at when the line of thunderstorms pushed across the area. northern parkway. there is pairrin parkway, line of thunderstorms moves northeast. across the city. strengthening. moving about 70 miles per hour. now, you notice how it is boeing here. bow echo they call it, boeing, because of the strong inflow coming in from behind the storm. you get a big down rush of wind from about a mile high in the upper atmosphere, that rushes that wind down at the surface. and breaks the storm apart a bit. and then when it reforms it creates rotation on the ends. which is called bookend vortex. and that's creating a potential rotation of tornadic activity. a brief burst of energy, that
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could be short lived so that's why he think it was tornndic activity on that spot. and then another few streets up. there was also potential of the so it was also the straight line push of winds and then potential of the tornado rotation. that's why we have the bookend vortex. so that's what handout there for the storm damage. show you what is coming our way3 for the week. -itt clear weather. coming up. >> thank you, vytas. >> bwi thurgood marshall airport, said that it is ready for whatever winter has to offer. crews spent the day in the high tech simulator practicing snow removal procedures and techniques. they also dusted off the heavy equipment to make sure that it @% ready to go when the real stuff finally gets here. >> we all know we have job to and we all are pretty good at it. good. and once you are done, it is rewarding to feel like you opened the airport back up. so the airplanes can take off. >> between the simulator practice and last year's record
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snowfall. they are ready for about anything that comes their way this winter. >> baltimore's waterfront is getting artsy. artist john henry is building this 240-foot metal sculpture along the westport waterfront. the focal point of new development that includes homes, offices, shops, even a hotel. and paii for with privvte funding. >> all day ong, we have been asking you, do you like the design of the sculpture for the waterfront? festival% adore it. 88% of you say no. gregory writes, it looks like bad twissed metal throne together, assan afterthought. and korrna writes, at least it looks better than the one by penn station. amen to that. >>well, a bad day for senator j rockefeller as he rails against cable news. >> this whole bark inside of me wants to get the fcc to say to
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fox ann tt nsnbc, off end done good by. >> well, he says that would be a big favor to the political discourse in this country. problem, senator rockefeller needs to get his facts straight. he does not seem to know that the fcc only regulates the broadcast air waves, not cable. >> good day for general motors, -nd american taxpayerss that helped to bailout the company. gm is back on wall street again. as a publicly traded company. gm closeddabove $34 a share today. initial public offering reduced the government's share of gm from 61% to about 36%. >> good day for former president george w. bush. his book decision point, sold 775,000 copies its first week. @%book sales alone toped 100,000. and it is expected to be a big seller in the holiday season. however president bush still lags way behind former president
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bill clinton.@ whose book sold 900,000 copies in its first week. >> well, you know, it ii a very bad day hen you get traded by your own dad. that's what happened to nhl ford brat stutter innred there. mix ting up on the ice. tradeed from the calvary flames to the hurricanes yesterday. aboot a week afterrhe got in a bar fight in arizona. and, yes, his dad is the gm of the team. that traded him. and his uncle is the coach. >> in news you need to know now. some baltimore city residents will not have water this weekend. crews will be repairing a major valve. meaning parts of upton, harlem park, heritage crossing and sand down, winchester, no water. shut off is 10:00 saturday and water back on at 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. baltimore county still giving out flu shott. daily clinics are held until
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december 3rd. from one to four. except thanksgiving and day after. friday. one night clinic is held december 1 from 4:00 to 7:00 in the evening. and shots are given out at three locations. now for a list of the clinics. just go to links. >> the cdc said that adults are not getting enough vaccinations at this time of the year. doctors say adults are getting vaccines, for things like hpv. but lag behind on shots for@ -hings like pertuse sus and pneumonia. >> j.c. penny announces plans for "black friday." opening the doors at 4:00, the day after thanksgiving. it will offer hundreds of door buster deals and everything rom toys to diamonds. there will beethousands of exclusive saae items on j.c. for cyber monday. >> the disappearance of natalie holloway, what police know would not the bone found on that beach in aruba, right after the break.
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%-representative charley rangel. lawmaker. >> and should have a lenient punishment for his crime. >> this character in a clown mask, threw open my bathroom >> a woman is robbed while sitting on the toilet.
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>> possible evidence in the natalie holloway case. washes up on the shore of an aruba hotel. alabama teen disappeared four years ago in aruba. prosecutors say the jaw bone found must belong to holloway. dna testing is underway to make sure. no one has been charged in herr disappearance. >> the week long search for three missing people in ohio has
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ended. the knox county sheriff's office confirms that three bodies they found do belong to a missing ohio woman, her 10-year-old son and a family friend. a fourth missing family member, 13--ear-old sarah main ard found over the weekend. bound and gagged in a home. authorities arrested and charged mathew hoffman with kidnapping her. >> is a massachusetts high school principal using common sense here? jeffrey size maniac is breaking tradition at the school. disallowing freshman from wearing pink in the past to show school spirit seniors. >> wearing pink in a rally and forced to do something against your will or because it is a tradition does not mean it is right. >> even so, freshmen are mad. that nobody has complained about this. so they don't get what the >> meantime, a virginia high
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school is allowing students tha@ cheated on tests during high school, to retake them. west potomac high asked teachers to eliminate f from the scale. and students that cheat can retake the test. that will make our students smarter and officials dumber, all on our dime. >> i don't know how much longer i have to live. but you know, alwayy tried to help people. >> new york congressman charley rangel weeps before the house ethics committee saying he lacked ccmmon sense. boo hue rangel foun guilty on 11 counts will be censored. most serious punishment short of expulsion. which means he is not leaving anywhere. >> had it beenn you or me not paying taxes for inssance, like@ rangel we will boo-hoo from behind bbrs.
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>> yeah, looks like we do have changes coming our way. in the form of more sunshine. and it looks like the temperatures will go up and down days. going to hd skycam down. relatively quiet conditions. 42 degrees. see clouus breaking. more as we go through the overnight. with clearing. winds out of the west at seven. humidity levels at 73%. our state temperatures, looking at 48 degrees in baltimore. 48 in d.c. head over on the eastern shore. into salisbury. 45 degrees. and west of us, hagerstown 41. and then cooler out there in the mountains at 32. bons the clouds breakup over the region. we will see things cool more. we will probably drop into the winds die down a light breeze out of the tanorthwest. continue to hold nto the northwest flow for the next day or so. and then we wiil sttrt to warm up a bit with the shift in winds as we go toward the early part of next week. but you can ee, northeast 40s alaas cross thees in the mid-atlantic. and then west of us, in the
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30s. and things have cooled down as we have the area of low pressure north. wrapping around that northwest wind. in fact, over parts of new york state. few burst of snow showers there. there. but all of that moisture stays north of us. and we will be dry. future scan shows not much activity. dry friday. more sunshine. leading us into the weekend. saturday clear skies. that's the same for sunday. so it looks like a decent weekend. with clearing conditions. and temperatures holding steady in the 50s. so eastern shore kicks off the week witt sunshine at 50. and then central portion of the state. much of the same. with temperatures in the mid 50s. and plenty of sunshine. and western edge of the state, out toward the mountains, 50. with winds out of the west at five with sunshine. tonight looking at clear skies. clearing skies. with temperatures around 39 degrees. northwest wind at five to 10. and then tomorrow, 54 degrees. there is the gobble, gobble. looking at the turrey. we will watch him. because right around the corner, of course, we have thanksgiving. a prelook at the thanksgiving forecast.
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it looks like we will see 55 degrees. chance of showers. be we could have rain.dnesday, so travel plans for folks could run into wet onditions. as we go down the road. looking for the next couple of days. dry into the weekend. ann temperatures climb into the 60s for monday, tuesday, with tuesday being the day that we start to see the rain beginning across the area. back to you guys. >> a rude receipt for a fast-food customer. theerequest he made that prompted such a strong reaction. >> this character in a clown mask thhew open my bathroom door. >> a woman robbed while sitting on a peaceful toilet. what police say this man was looking for during a really weird hold up. >> and former ravens
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dider? half to share it with his mom. and that got the worker upset. when he got receiit it had not one but two not so nice messages on it. >> i showed the manager, the guy at the window, and he laughed. and gave me the receipt back. and i tookkoff. as, you know, * bleep* buuggr. okay whatever. >> well, one employee, and that manager, got fired. burger king said it deeply regrets the incident. as for perez, he said he is sure never going back there. >> an ohio woman is laughing tonight when a man wearing a clown mask tried to mug her while sitting on the toilet. robber took off with $28 her car and jewelry. he apparently was looking for prescription medication, but struck out. >> i said this is my blood pressure medicine, you wan some3 of that? no. i said this is medicine to help@ me sleep. you wwnt something to help you
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sleep? and he said no. he wanted oxycontin and money. >> get this. clara bell did not get far. he enned up rolling the car and confessed before a snickering giggling police officers. >> gary williams and the terrapins have jumped out to a start. but things are tougher tonight. they took on pitt..3 rrnked fifth in the nation..3 in coaches versus cancer semi finals. gary is not scared of these over his career teams knocked off 25 top teams. and teams in this one early on. ticker off the rebound. takes the length of the floor. up for the basket. terps led 25:21..3 gary likes this one. but he did not like this. lamar patterson for three. pit on a 10 to two run to end the first half. they lead at the break. wise with the post move. goes to the basket and won.
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terps pulled it within two. pitt too much for the terps. high percentage shot. with panthers win. 79 to 70. led the way with 17 sanna 13. and terps fall to 3 and one. >> morgan state in action against the big east opponent. took on providence tonight 22-point beating. thompson led morgan with 18. brooks a big night for providence..3 22 points. 12 rebounds. the bears could only manage 30.6% from the floor. and fall to one-on-one of the season. consternation in owennssmills. tackleianda missing from prrcttce. and he never misses, everrone relax. his wife is in labor. no word on whether she has given birth. punt return duties are handled by committee right now. the kickoff duties are staying where they have been. special teams coach rosburg said today that david reid will remain as kick returner,
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average. rosburg likes what he has seen so far. >> david grows every week he is back there. you see things in the returns you like to see. this last week he split the miidle on a return. i like the fact he went vertical. the fact that we had the ball when the play is over. i like his spirit. he practices hard. exciting guy. guys like to block for him. give him another shot this week. >> opportunity to be in the game is a blessing. nfl and it is great to be a part of the team and make an impact. >> ravens 10-point favorites over panthers this sunday. >> lining at the next day planner. clearing out there. plenty of sunshine to kick off the eekend. temperatures starting us off at 42 for the morning commute. 52 by the
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>> looking at the weekend with temperatures in the 50s. some sunshine. our temperatures are back in the 60s monday, tuesday. and rain rejoi
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